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Chapter 348 – Instant Defeat! Out–Of–Control! test juggle



The First Hundred Thousand

Ask for!


The Crystal-wing Dragon was still asking forward also it, far too, had blood stream-reddish colored sight. Within a match of rage, the Crystal-wing Dragon didn't notice anything at all different. The running dragon shook the phase. Right away, the dragon had arrived at the Darkish Dragon Hound, able to damage the second separate! The dragon waved its burning claws. Heat was distorting the environment.

The Black Dragon Hound felt Xu Kuang's will was communicated throughout the arrangement. The Dim Dragon Hound was available. The roaring flames were definitely forthcoming at it, casting a reddish colored color into its eyes.

The contempt in Liu Qingfeng's view vanished fear took its place. Was he hallucinating? This has been an excessive amount of a coincidence. Was the pet… He suddenly kept in mind that Xu Kuang purchased the very best 5 package from that retail store!

“Open up the close!!”

The Dark Dragon Hound was unmanageable?!

That had been the Thunder Run, an improved version.





Can the Darkish Dragon Hound… take action?

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The evaluate couldn't believe this. As he searched more detailed, he remarked that blood was seeping outside the Dimly lit Dragon Hound's fur and hair. Obviously, that formidable affect experienced injure the hound severely.

He immediately observed a chill coming from the soles of his legs, helping to make him shudder.

The Crystal-wing Dragon was still charging forward and also it, far too, acquired blood-reddish view. Inside of a fit of rage, the Crystal-wing Dragon didn't recognize nearly anything various. The operating dragon shook the point. Right away, the dragon experienced arrived at the Dimly lit Dragon Hound, prepared to tear the latter aside! The dragon waved its using up claws. Heat was distorting air.

The Black Dragon Hound proved its pearly whites.

The eradicating intent and cruelty had enjoyed the Black Dragon Hound, cardiovascular system and soul!


Xu Kuang could not feel this. It was subsequently a bit quickly, wasn't it?



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Liu Qingfeng's Crystal-wing Dragon roared and rushed at them.

Can the Dimly lit Dragon Hound… take action?

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The Moonfrost Dragon's learn was the woman concentrating on the champions.h.i.+p!

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That has been the Thunder Run, an elevated version.

The hound stepped forward slowly but surely, with mounting bolts of lightning flickering close to its four arms and legs.

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Liu Qingfeng felt his cardiovascular had discontinued defeating. Loss!

Return Of The Female Knight

That impact…

Around the darkness, a ferocious number leaped spanning. It absolutely was the Darker Dragon Hound that have operate past the Crystal-wing Dragon and was going after Liu Qingfeng right.

The Dimly lit Dragon Hound growled which has a thundering rage. It overlooked Xu Kuang's demand!